Social Engine PHP, their self hosted option is an amazing amazing product, we first used it in 2008 and had many clients ask for it as it wowed them. However, SE Unite and the new interface to manage SE Unite with two different sections labeled “billing” seems like a rushed job at least as of April 2020.

It has not been QAed as thoroughly as it should’ve been, there are a lot of bugs and necessary improvements. Its not in a stage that they should charge the users as of right now and I’d accept it if they call it a BETA release like Flarum does.

The support tickets we opened didn’t seem like were addressed by someone who knows the product in and out. My love for self hosted PHP still remains and I wanted SE Unite to work more than anyone else having wasted 48 hours of starting NodeBB and trying to evaluate how inflexible Discourse is but the search goes on.

All I am looking for is a Users, Discussions and Forums. Next to be reviewed is Flarum.